Golf Games for Kids – Let Them Learn Sports

Golf is one of the most popular games anywhere. Men and women both love the game, and work to improve their scores with each round. More than just a game, golf is a sport, played at expert levels worldwide for huge prizes. Golf is a game for kids, too, although that’s a different game, of course. Golf games for kids are miniature golf or mini golf. Mini golf is lots of fun for kids. Parents can play mini golf, too, even if mini golf is far from a sport.

Mini golf is played worldwide, and is played under a variety of different names. It’s also known as midget golf, goofy golf, crazy golf, and mini-putt. Putt-put is a popular name, too, although this is a registered trademark belonging to an American operator of amusement parks. For the most part, mini golf is played simply for fun and entertainment, but mini golf is played competitively in some areas. Mini golf as sport began in 1930 with an American tournament offering a cash prize of $10,000. The sport also became popular in Europe and remained popular there even after it lost popularity in the United States following the Great Depression. The sport has experienced a resurgence in the United States in recent years, and is played professionally by some players again. The World Minigolf Sports Federation organizes tournaments worldwide, with the US ProMiniGolf Association operating as the American affiliate. The American national mini golf championship is played annually in Ohio. Prizes for professional mini golf tournaments range from $10,000 to as much as $100,000.

For the most part, mini golf is just a game, played by children and adults for fun. Mini golf is a game of putting, of course, with the objective being the same as regular golf, to knock the ball into the hole with the fewest number of strokes. The difficulty comes in the inclusion on mini golf courses of the assortment of obstacles used to decorate the courses and add difficulty to the game. Obstacles include plants, trees, animals, and loops.

Mini golf games are available online, too, and online in many cases they take on an educational aspect. The game itself is challenging, and the challenge provides a lesson to children in use and development of skills. Especially for preschoolers and young children, just the opportunity to achieve game goals is a useful test of skills. Some online mini golf games are organized around an educational theme, such as math or science. Jelly Golf, for instance, is labeled as “9 holes of fraction fun.” With that game, kids learn math skills. Vocabulary, spelling, geography, and social studies are featured in mini golf games on Learning Games for Kids. Golf offers many ways to adapt it to educational purposes, and golf games for kids are both fun and educational.

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